Debating duties of U.S. universities in China

24 May 2017

Professor Roderick Hills eloquently defends the conduct of U.S. universities in China.

Counterpoint: Universities in China

09 May 2017

A powerful critque of my article on western universities in China

Engagement versus endorsement: Western universities in China

07 May 2017

The presence of Western universities in China is on the rise, but they are not following UN principles on corporate social responsibility.

How to Work Wisely

22 Feb 2017

This article, reprinted from The New York Times, is targeted to students to enhance their college experience, but the five exercises can be used by lawyers and others to enhance their career development. 

New Edition of Defending Mohammad

19 Dec 2016

Defending Mohammad is the second edition of my memoir serving as defense counsel to the lead suspect in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing trial. 


A Fearless Fighter for the Underdog

15 Dec 2016

Representing suspected terrorists, white supremacists, child pornographers and other highly unpopular defendants.

Medical Ethics and Human Rights

17 Nov 2016

How do you feel about the use of executed Chinese prisoners in commercial exhibitions? 

What is Freedom of Expression?

17 Oct 2016

NYU law professor Roderick Hills says "that freedom of speech at NYU-Shanghai might be greater than at NYU-Washington Square or other schools on American soil.''

Your Career: Courage is the Most Important Virtue

12 Oct 2016

Without courage, we may not make changes we know we should make to be happy. 

A Career is Not a Journey

08 Sep 2016

Alan Watts on why it's hazardous to think of your career as a journey with a satisfying destination.