What does "making a difference" mean?

21 Jun 2017

 For me, making a difference means reducing suffering, and there are many ways lawyers can do that.

Senior Lawyers Pursue Social Justice

20 Jun 2017

From the New York Law Journal: 


Older Lawyers Pursue Social Justice Through Emeritus Program

Jeff Storey, New York Law Journal

May 26, 2017

Former Broome County Corporation Counsel William Gibson, 80, spends two to three days a week in Housing Court listening to "very sad" stories and fighting for tenants' access to a "basic human need."

Emeritus Attorney Rules

20 Jun 2017

Emeritus pro bono practice rules encourage retired and inactive attorneys to make a difference. 

40 Ways Retired Lawyers Can Make A Difference

07 Jun 2017

A few examples how retired and inactive status lawyers can make a difference in the Age of Trump

How to Work Wisely

22 Feb 2017

This article, reprinted from The New York Times, is targeted to students to enhance their college experience, but the five exercises can be used by lawyers and others to enhance their career development. 

Your Career: Courage is the Most Important Virtue

12 Oct 2016

Without courage, we may not make changes we know we should make to be happy. 

A Career is Not a Journey

08 Sep 2016

Alan Watts on why it's hazardous to think of your career as a journey with a satisfying destination. 

Your Strategic Career Plan

11 Apr 2016

To create an effective strategic plan you need to have a concrete, measurable goal, and you need to set forth particular actions you will take in a certain timeframe.

Career Theory, Part 2: Identifying Compatible Jobs

07 Mar 2016

In my first installment about the career planning process for public interest lawyers I emphasized the importance of identifying your talents. Talents are skills you enjoy using. In my case, my talents are public speaking, counseling, and writing. Identifying your talents is roughly akin to having a compass for your career journey. Your talents are your magnetic North. Now you can start your search for the right job. 

Three Steps to Job Satisfaction

11 Feb 2016

Career Planning Theory

For those of you who are just embarking on a career as a lawyer or for those who have been practicing for some time certain universal truths apply to the career planning process.  To find a satisfying job in public interest law (or in any field for that matter) you need to follow three steps: (1) know yourself; (2) identify compatible jobs; (3) create a written plan and follow through with it. In the next three blog posts we will look in depth at these three steps. This week we will look at the first step. 


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