Career decisions: do you focus on risk or on opportunity?

14 Dec 2015

Do you postpone pursuing a public interest career out of fear -- fear of failure, fear of parental disapproval, fear of living a less lofty lifestyle, you name it -- or do you pursue a public interest career because you see it as an opportunity for growth? This smart LinkedIn article by James Altucher contains a wealth of insights about how we make important decisions in our life. I am constantly battling my own avoidant streak. Yes, by embracing risks you may feel fearful.

What is a Successful Legal Career?

29 Aug 2015

Ellen Ostrow offered some thoughts in a recent article, and we'd be keen to hear your opinions.

Occupy Central's lessons for public interest startups

07 Jan 2015

Storytelling your way to a better project

17 Dec 2014

What color is your project?

05 Dec 2014

The color you choose will be a clue to the problem you will be solving.

Justice Labs & New York's new pro bono requirement

21 Nov 2014

Justice Labs can help you find a pro bono project to meet New York's new requirement of 50 hours of law related pro bono work as a condition to being admitted to the New York Bar. 

A tale of two cities

13 Nov 2014

A group of elderly people gather in a park awaiting cooked rice from a church

How to begin your public interest project

03 Nov 2014

Begin with a problem. 

First jobs and keeping dreams alive

26 Oct 2014

I recently had a conversation with a young woman in New York City struggling with a career decision. About to graduate law school, she is trying to decide whether to take a domestic job working in children's rights or to return to Asia where she wants to pursue her dream job working in international human rights. She worried that working in a U.S.. domestic organization for a few years would make it harder for her to find a job abroad in the future. 

How to attract donors

24 Oct 2014

"Paint the grandest vision for what your [public interest project] will become. The best thing you can do in a pitch meeting is paint a big vision of something that should seem audacious and even outlandish."


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