How to raise money -- lessons from Y-Combinator

22 Oct 2014


Marc Andreessen, Founder of Andreessen Horowitz, Ron Conway, Founder of SV Angel, and Parker Conrad, Founder of Zenefits, take Q&A on the topic of How to Raise Money, in lecture 9 of How to Start a Startup. Many of these principles will apply to public interest entrepreneurs. Be prepared to answer a prospective donor's question: "What inspired to create this project." The answer should be a personal experience of yours. 

How can you measure empathy?

20 Oct 2014

What is a public interest "project"?

17 Oct 2014

"Nobody made a greater mistake than he who did nothing because he could do only a little."

How to turn your blog into a public interest project

16 Oct 2014

Measurable objectives to promote change are the hallmarks of public interest projects. 

How to find the right job fit

15 Oct 2014

Match Your Personality to Your Project

When I was a public interest career counselor at the University of Michigan Law School I spoke to many students and lawyers who were unhappy with their jobs but felt stuck. One of the most frequent questions I got – from students and lawyers alike – was: “I really don’t know what I want to do. How do I find the right job?”

The secret to job satisfaction is simple: Find a job that will allow you to use your talents frequently and that will allow you to express your values to some degree.

Lean startup theory 101

09 Oct 2014

One of the animating principle of Justice Labs Startup School is lean startup. As applied to public interest project development it means creating and launching a minimally viable product (MVP) that will allow you to test your assumptions and, if necessary, make one or more pivots. Here is an excellent article describing the basic principles of lean startup theory. 


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