Lawyers who inspire: Justice Labs Mentor Margaret Stock

09 Jan 2019

Justice Labs Mentor Margaret Stock is profiled this month in the American Bar Association Journal article "When things go wrong, immigrants serving in the military look to Margaret Stock" by Lorelei Laird 

A Fearless Fighter for the Underdog

15 Dec 2016

Representing suspected terrorists, white supremacists, child pornographers and other highly unpopular defendants.

Why Human Rights Matter -- The Career of Teng Biao

11 Jul 2016

To mark the first anniversary of China's continuing crackdown on human rights advocates we present an interview with Teng Biao -- one of China’s best-known civil-rights lawyers.

Hong Kong Law Grad Anita Wu Helping Poor People in NYC

21 Feb 2016


Justice Labs Mentor Margaret Stock Running for Senate

17 Feb 2016

Justice Labs mentor Margaret Stock has just announced that she will be running as an independent. Margaret was a hit when she gave a law lecture to Chinese students at Wuhan University in 2011. 

Public Interest Lawyer Profile: Gregory Antollino

13 Jan 2016

"I consider myself a trial lawyer first, a litigator second. I represent victims of employment discrimination, other civil rights violations (wrongful arrests, wrongful prosecutions and police brutality), and clients harmed by neglectful or dishonest lawyers.

A Japanese Human Rights Lawyer in New York

04 Jan 2016

Japanese public interest lawyer Daisuke Igeta uses a recently decided U.S. case in support of his groundbreaking surveillance case in Japan. 

A tale of two cities

13 Nov 2014

A group of elderly people gather in a park awaiting cooked rice from a church

How to turn your blog into a public interest project

16 Oct 2014

Measurable objectives to promote change are the hallmarks of public interest projects. 

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