Did China Scholars Willfully Ignore Muslim Crackdown?

24 May 2019

An article by Josh Chin in the Wall Street Journal this week casts an unflattering light on the Chinese studies community in the West. "The German Data Diver Who Exposed China’s Muslim Crackdown" tells the story of an obscure academic who almost single-handedly discovered a massive human rights violation in China's Xinjiang province. The obvious question is how and why others did not catch the crackdown?

American Universities' China Problem

09 Jan 2019

My article about a big conflict of interest, republished from Quillete

The Enablers of Harvey Weinstein and Xi Jinping

13 Oct 2017

Earlier this week in New York I heard a panel of experts discuss President Xi Jinping's vicious attack on China's human rights lawyers. I was struck with the parallel to Harvey Weinstein's sexual abuse of women in Hollywood. In both cases, powerful executives abused vulnerable victims and were aided by a culture of enablers: people who facilitated the abuses and those who knew but kept silent.

... And Justice for All

13 Jun 2017

Nonlawyers are rarely able to protect properly their own legal rights.

Debating duties of U.S. universities in China

24 May 2017

Professor Roderick Hills eloquently defends the conduct of U.S. universities in China.

Counterpoint: Universities in China

09 May 2017

A powerful critque of my article on western universities in China

Engagement versus endorsement: Western universities in China

07 May 2017

The presence of Western universities in China is on the rise, but they are not following UN principles on corporate social responsibility.

What is Freedom of Expression?

17 Oct 2016

NYU law professor Roderick Hills says "that freedom of speech at NYU-Shanghai might be greater than at NYU-Washington Square or other schools on American soil.''

U.S. Universities in China: A Duty to Defend Human Rights?

25 Jul 2016

Does the silence of U.S. universities in China in the face of human rights abuses legitimize a government that oppresses its citizens? 

In China, Pro Bono is a Real Challenge

20 Jul 2016

Despite political pressures, foreign firms can give valuable moral support to public interest lawyers in China. 


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