Justice or Assassination?

23 May 2016

President Obama presented the assasination by drone as a victory in the war on terrorism, but was it justice?

The Conundrum of Compromise

18 May 2016

The controversy surrounding the American Bar Association’s decision not to publish the memoirs of famed  human rights activist Teng Biao allegedly because it feared angering the Chinese government and jeopardizing its programs in the country points to a universal problem facing foreign businesses and organizations working in China. When are moral compromises appropriate? 

Rethinking Asylum Seeker Detention in Hong Kong

15 Mar 2016

A proposed blanket detention indiscriminately assumes that all asylum claims are unmeritorious.

The Plight of Rights Lawyers in China

03 Feb 2016

Here is a penetrating, disturbing report about the status of rights lawyers in China that appears in the February 1, 2016 edition of the American Bar Association Journal. 

The attacks published in China's state-sponsored news media pulled no punches. Wang Yu is an "arrogant convict of a woman," screamed an op-ed article in one major newspaper. Wang Yu is a "hypocritical and false lawyer." Wang Yu is a "shrew." In retrospect, the media assault against Wang, one of China’s leading human rights lawyers, should have come as no surprise—and it fore-shadowed things to come.

Foreign NGOs in China and Silent Complicity

09 Dec 2015

Foreign Policy article inside the fight over the American Bar Association's tepid condemnation of Beijing’s crackdown on lawyers and activists.

Mentor Maazel: a constitutional checklist

30 Nov 2015

Civil rights lawyer and Justice Labs mentor Ilann Maazel's article on fighting terrorism without abandoning our values. 

Experiencing human rights in Hong Kong

17 Nov 2015

Justice Labs mentor Lindsay Ernst directs an innovative program at the Univesity of Hong Kong called "Human Rights in Practice." This is an editorial her students wrote about their experiences working with "hard to place" children in Hong Kong's adoption system. 

A moral dilemma for the American Bar Association

08 Sep 2015

The American Bar Association fails to protest arrested and disappeared rights lawyers. 

Human rights are in your hands

10 Dec 2014

                                      Eleanor Roosevelt in 1948. You too can become a protector.


A tale of two cities

13 Nov 2014

A group of elderly people gather in a park awaiting cooked rice from a church


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