Emeritus Attorney Rules

20 Jun 2017
Author: Robert Precht

This is a helpful guide to programs that encourage retired and inactive lawyers to volunteer to provie pro bono assistance to people in need from the American Bar Association. 


Emeritus Attorney Rules

 State Emeritus Pro Bono Practice Rules

Emeritus pro bono practice rules encourage retired and inactive attorneys to volunteer to provide pro bono assistance to clients unable to pay for essential legal representation. At last count 38 jurisdictions have adopted emeritus pro bono rules waiving some of the normal licensing requirement for attorneys agreeing to limit their practice to volunteer service. The following chart contains essential details of the current rules.

State Emeritus Attorney Pro Bono Rules
and State Contacts

2016 Survey of Emeritus and Pro Bono Practice Rules: Participation, Recruitment and Case Placement

2014 Survey of Emeritus and Pro Bono Practice Programs

The ABA Commission on Law and Aging has published a brochure designed to help states successfully recruit emeritus pro bono attorneys to provide critically needed legal services to vulnerable seniors and low- and moderate-income individuals who are now facing their legal problems on their own. The brochure is titled No Longer on Their Own: Using Emeritus Attorney Pro Bono Programs to Meet Unmet Civil Legal Needs.

See also: Checklist for Creating an Emeritus Attorney Pro Bono Participation Program by Holly Robinson (PDF file, 62 KB)

For more information on Pro Bono and Senior/Inactive Lawyers please go here.