Hong Kong Law Grad Anita Wu Helping Poor People in NYC

21 Feb 2016
Author: Robert Precht


Chee Sum Ng is a 64-year-old rent-stabilized tenant who cannot reasonably climb the seven flights of stairs to his apartment because he suffers from end-stage renal disease. He must leave his apartment at least three to four times a week for life-sustaining dialysis treatment. Mr. Ng and his neighbors at 173 Henry Street received notice on December 20th that the 43-unit building’s only elevator would be shut down for replacement for a five-month period beginning the week of February 22, 2016. The building’s tenants met with the landlord to ask that they postpone the work to ensure that reasonable accommodations could be secured for the building’s many elderly and disabled residents, who would be trapped in their apartments without elevator service. The landlord (King Henry Realty Inc.) declined this request, stating that they had already paid a contractor deposit.

In this video, HKU graduate and NY lawyer Anita Wu describes her work for Manhattan Legal Services and her efforts to help Mr. Ng.