What color is your project?

05 Dec 2014
Author: Robert Precht

This chart, courtesy of Amazon, shows how organizations use colors to show their missions.  

How do you identify the problem that your project will address? You can try doing so directly, by reading media reports or drawing on your personal experiences in your community to identify unmet needs. Or you can do so indirectly, by asking yourself what kind of project you want to do. If you had to assign your project idea with a color, what would it be?  If your project is to help poor people in a neighborhood receive medical benefits they are entitled to you might consider associating it with the green. Try assigning your idea with a color. The color you choose will be a clue to the problem you will be solving. Colors evoke powerful emotions. What emotion do you feel?  Are they growth or health? Or youthful and bold? Then try linking the color and emotion to a problem you see in society or your community.